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Locally and Family owned! Our owners are Idaho Grown! The Hoffman’s are driven by a passion for helping the community. How so? They provide fun, unique, but necessary resources. As they put it  “We are determined to revolutionize education through entertainment!”

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Our Mission

Our mission to improve the well-being of the community by delivering unique, memorable, and exciting experiences.

Our Vision

Our vision is to re-define the way we gather, learn, and grow. We hope to deliver a for profit community driven family establishment that will set the standard for community, compassion, innovation and education through entertainment.

Our Education

VR Academy is an educational resource to the students both young and Bold. We have curriculum for Co-ops from circuity to language learning.

Why Education?  Every community has a need and when we looked within our community we saw a surplus of knowledge and resources every which way.  However, where we found a surplus of knowledge we found a lack of wisdom, a lack of leadership and a dilapidated focus.  We have gathered the most creative and resilient, to establish curriculum that teaches. Community, Communication, Leadership, Awareness, Logic and Reasoning, economics, and resource management all in the funniest way possible, through entertainment.

Meet the Owners

The history of VRCDA is a very conspicuous and unique story, the founder is Colton Hoffman.  Colton was born and raised in Southern Idaho and was on his way to maintain a glamorous career in IT for St. Luke’s Hospital.  One day he was standing face to face with news most of us are reluctant to address, he was being laid off work.  Colton would have normally been baffled, considering the 2 most secure industries to work at both simultaneously laid him off.  However, he was not as he knew in his heart that God had a plan for him.  During his time working for St. Luke’s, Colton also worked two days a week for a local VR Arcade as a side hobby.  He approached the owner of the VR Arcade if he would consider a franchise of his company but the owner was not interested.  Colton after much prayer, petition, and direct guidance was lead to Coeur d’ Alene.  Colton moved up here and through a testimony that will drop your mouth wide open, he was able to set up VR February 23, 2018.

Colton had many people come and go with ideas to grow his business or turn it in their favor, Colton remained diligent. He kept to the guidance God had given him. During Coltons venture he met his wife and now Business partner, Kearston aka Kearsy Hoffman. Kearsy has worked a variety of different jobs from service to sales, to business management. When she met Colton she was walking the path God had placed gracefully in front of her. Kearsy had started a marketing agency, with a few hiccups in the start up she found herself working in  the education department for a local real estate investing firm. Kearsy and Colton came together through God’s timing and intervention.  Once they made the decision to go into business together they have been feeding the fire God has gifted them.. Together Colton and Kearsy have taken over majority ownership of Strike Zone Arena. A local Nerf and Laser Tag hang out and birthday party hotspot. Another Testimony that will blow your mind. Strike Zones previous owners Chris and Jessica Thompson are still involved behind the scenes as silent partners. With the 4 of them in business they balance each other out with strengths and weaknesses. Due to that, the business V-sports arena as we know today was born. V-sports arena will revolutionize play, and education through entertainment.

With Colton and Kearsy spearheading the company’s growth they are driven to follow the direction God has guided them in. These two plan to create leaders and thinkers of today using the technologies of today and the Ideas of tomorrow.  They are driven to grow their companies to become a much needed asset in the community. They love to have fun, strategies and take their company mascot (and dog) Hezekiah on walks Colton is a natural nerdy guy. He enjoys movies, and anything gaming. Kearsy enjoys books, business testimonies and writing. They both love getting into the bible and talking deep theology with friends.
Chris and Jessica although they are silent. They are a lot of fun. Jessica is a Full time nurse, with a degree in psychology  While Chris loves accounting and numbers. He also runs another business “Bounce time” they have 2 kids and enjoy just being all around kids themselves. When asked Jessica and Chris Thomson stated their biggest accomplishment is having two wonderful children – a boy that’s 10 and a 6 year-old girl.  Both kids have been their inspiration for developing Strike Zone into what it has become, and now partnering with the Hoffmans with VSports Arena to build a more complete entertainment experience!  Jessica and Chris both grew up in Spokane Valley and graduated from University High School.

What others say

"So much fun if you are looking for a place to Nerf battle. They provide the guns, ammo, and safety gear!"

Erin McCall

Google Review

"My son's 8th birthday was a great success thanks to Strike Zone! All the kids had a blast! Thank you!"

Mandy Maxwell

Google Review

"They have a lot of obstacles in the arena. And they outfit the kids with vests (colored to indicate which team) and with guns and nerf darts. "

Jonathon Frantz

Google Review

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