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Locally and Family owned! Our owners are Idaho Grown! The Hoffman’s are driven by a passion for helping the community. How so? They provide fun, unique, but necessary resources. As they put it  “We are determined to revolutionize entertainment to be more family oriented!”

Meet the Owners

Our Mission

Our mission is to bring families together through play. By improve the well-being of the community and deliver a unique, memorable, and exciting experiences.

Our Vision

Our vision is to re-define the way we gather, laugh, and Play. We hope to deliver A for profit, community- driven, family establishment that will set the standard for the way we play in the future.

Meet the Owners

     V-Sports Arena is quite a fun story, it started off in Coeur D’Alene Idaho as VRCDA by our founder Colton Hoffman.  Colton was born and raised in Southern Idaho, a Middleton High graduate. Colton Started his venture as an arcade owner after the flop of his glamorous career working IT for St. Luke’s Hospital.  When Colton was offered to stay or take the layoff, he knew in his heart, that God had a different plan for him.  During this time, Colton worked two days a week for a local VR Arcade as a hobby.  He approached the owner of that VR Arcade to possibly franchise. On the other side of a hard no and after much prayer, petition, and council- Colton was led to Coeur d’ Alene.  Colton moved up there and through a testimony that will drop your mouth wide open, he was able to open his arcade on February 23, 2018, at 115 S 4th St in the Roxy Building Downtown CDA with a lake front view.

     Colton had many people come and go with ideas to grow his business or turn it in their favor, Colton remained diligent. He had then and still strives to follow the guidance God gives. During Colton’s venture he met his wife and now business partner, Kearsy Hoffman. Kearsy has worked a variety of different jobs from housekeeping, service, sales, and even business management. When she met Colton, she was starting her marketing agency, while working for a real estate investing firm on the side. Kearsy and Colton came together through God’s timing and intervention. Once they made the decision to go into business together? God let the flood gates open. The business took off. They have been feeding the fire of that gift since. Together, with the help of angel investors, Colton and Kearsy took over ownership of Strike Zone Arena. A CDA local Nerf and Laser Tag hang out and birthday party hotspot. That is when V-Sports Arena was born. V-Sports became a recognized gem of North Idaho. We were nominated Best Party Service, Best Small Attraction, and Idaho’s Best. We loved being open to the community, on the weak days we hung out with our regulars and locals playing a variety of different tabletop games. On the weekends we partied hard. Why wouldn’t we? Life can be tricky and stressful; we are all about celebrating every chance you can! During the school year we were busting at the seams with the shouts of celebratory laughter and excitement. By the grace of God alone the company was able to navigate the storm of the 2020 Covid pandemic.
In 2021 V-Sports expanded its services and started to buy sell and trade retro to modern video games. The company was incredibly blessed with a remarkably talented and loyal team during the time V-Sports was open in North Idaho. Our companies turnover was practically obsolete, with every team member being around from the start.
In early 2022 Colton and Kearsy went into negotiations to finalize their owner carry on the Roxy Building. Long story short the owner carry fell through, and the rent was raised back to market value. Market value was a 100% increase from what was being paid and it was unattainable for the business to manage.

     Colton and Kearsy spent a lot of time searching for a new lease in the CDA area with the market saturated due to the influx of people moving from populated cities commercial and residential were next to none. The Hoffmans followed the same strategy that has yet to fail them. They followed the steps God had for them. 525 Main St in Caldwell Idaho became the new home for V-Sports in Spring 2022. We were hoping to open our doors about 2 months after moving down here, we are now aiming for mid-December.

      “Our number one goal is to provide a safe place families can come laugh celebrate and play together.”

     Colton and Kearsy are very much involved in the business and they both love to have great thought-provoking conversations. If its slow, please strike a conversation with any of the team. We love to discuss on things nerdy, political, philosophical, and theological. We love to hear testimonies and a good life story.

     When Kearsy was a child, there was a safe place that aloud her younger brother to dodge the clutches of street violence and addiction. It is our hope to recreate a center where kids can have a place to recenter their boredom and discover their giftings. We plan to do that by providing a safe place where anyone can come face to face with imagination.

     Thanks so much for reading we look forward to serving you on your next visit.

Peace be with you,
Team V-Sports Arena

Meet the Team

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What others say

"So much fun if you are looking for a place to Nerf battle. They provide the guns, ammo, and safety gear!"

Erin McCall

Google Review

"My son's 8th birthday was a great success thanks to Strike Zone! All the kids had a blast! Thank you!"

Mandy Maxwell

Google Review

"They have a lot of obstacles in the arena. And they outfit the kids with vests (colored to indicate which team) and with guns and nerf darts. "

Jonathon Frantz

Google Review

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