Laser Tag

When you think of laser tag, what is the first thing that pops into your head? Space age phasers? The chaos of running around with no direction trying to shoot anything that moves? Now take those images and toss them. We have created an experience that will leave you wanting to come back and play again and again.

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Session times fill up quick, we recommend making a reservation in advance if you would like to play.  A total of 10 players can play per game.  Due to the complexity, and to prevent damage to our equipment, we require players to be age 8+.


Includes a head strap and blaster.




Includes a head strap and blaster.



Frequently Asked

How old do you have to be to play?

We require players to be age 8+ to play our Laser Tag system due to the weight of blasters and complexity of the game modes.

How is our system different from other entertainment facilities?

Our system is a different genre called tactical which means it follows the game mechanics of modern video games (the manufacturer’s main inspiration was Call of Duty and Halo). At our facility you can experience different game and gun modes; like different elements of team-based games, free-for-all missions and even one of our customers’ favorite called Infection.  

Can I choose my own match?

Within a 60 minute experience, players will play the 5 following games:

Team Battle Match
Each team will battle it out for supremacy until we see who scores the most points.  Watch out though, gun types will get stronger as the game progresses!

Team Poison
Slight variation of our Team Battle where all players have a Venom Rifle.  This gun does damage over time, so make sure to call out “Medic” for a friendly player’s help before you lose your health!

Chaos or Team Chaos
Instant respond. Random weapon upon respond.

Gun Game
Players in this “free for all battle” will start off with powerful weapons and will progressively get weaker guns until one player is crowned the victor!

One to Eight players starts off as a zombie and infects the other players.  We’ll see if survivors have what it takes to make it through the apocalypse!

What type of Blaster modes do you have?

Lets just say… if you “name” any Blaster from any video game you have ever played, we probably have it!!!

How long is a match?

For every 30 min, each group will receive 2-3 matches. This includes game set up and tutorial. The average game mode is 10 min.

How many players can play at a time?

10 player max.

How big is the arena?

The arena is large enough to have a 5v5 match, but not so large that 1v1 isn’t fun either.

Should I reserve?

We take walk-ins however it is always a good idea to reserve, as we have turned customers away due to high volume in the past.

What others say

"Absolutely amazing place. Staff was super helpful and took care of us to the highest degree. Laser tag was so cool! Much different than all the other places in town. Highly recommend."

Adam Springer

Google Review

"Loved the laser tag experience! It was so much fun with a variety of game types and weapons. The equipment was lightweight enough to be fun but heavy enough to be realistic and sturdy. The front desk guy was awesome and was nice enough to join us."

Matt Leitholt

Google Review

"Great place for kids birthday parties and their parents and grandparents. Lol. We all have fun. Nice locations with tables for cake and opening presents. The staff is super helpful and work with you and your schedule. We have had laser tag as well as nerf gun parties and enjoy them both. "

Jill Monroe

Google Review

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