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Come face to face with imagination Virtual Reality is epic and that is no secret. VR has the capabilities to recreate just about any hobby or interest you think of. Our mission is to bring Families together through play. VR has been incredible in not only accomplishing this but also renewing a sense of wonder in the minds of our community. We have about 200 games and that is always growing. With 6 stations set up to a true enthusiast’s standards, you won’t miss a smile when you play with us.
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200+ Virtual Reality Games

Multiplayer, Family, Educational, Experiential, FPS, Kid Friendly, Strategy, and Escape Room Games.

VR Pricing

Take advantage of our online booking to guarantee a spot when you get here.
Players can share a station, meaning they take turns. We recommend 20 minutes minimum per person.
So, Booking 1Hour (55 Minutes) could be shared between 3 people.


Reserved for walk-ins.


“limit to staffing availability”


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Each additional 30 min




Up to 3 players share time.




Up to 5 players share time.




Up to 6 players share time.



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What is Virtual Reality (VR)?

At V-Sports Arena we are always looking towards the future and everything it has to offer. Virtual Reality is a computer-generated simulation of a three-dimensional image or environment that can be interacted within a seemingly real or physical way by a person using special electronic equipment.  Simply put, if you think of a world then we can probably submerge you into it allowing your mind to reach unlimited amounts of creativity.

What's the Future hold in the world for VR at V-Sports Arcade?

We were originally inspired by the movie and story Ready player One over a decade ago. Our Goal is to continually stay ahead of VR enthusiast trends. We are constantly on the look out for what tech is the coolest to integrate into our Virtual Reality experience. If you want to know when we add a fun addition make sure to follow us on Instagram. We hope to also include the latest VR news, game facts and so much more.

What can you expect V-Sports to do with VR in the future?
Why did we choose VR and how do we decide what’s next? 
VR is where it all started for us. We opened our first location in Coeur D’ Idaho with 4 tables and literally 4 VR stations running HTCs. We had a small game library in 2018. By the grace of God, our community, and some hard work, we are where we are today. As long as we can, we will continue to geek out on VR’s newest market upgrades. When a good game comes out? We plan to get it. If some new hardware comes out we are open to bringing it into the arcade! Not everything works for the practicality of the arcade but if the concept fits and makes our enthusiast set up that much better?.. You bet your buns we are upgrading. Currently you can play VR with immersive Haptic Suits, index controllers and extra padded flooring. We have around 200 games to choose from and that just keeps growing. 
New Games!

We are always looking for new games that fit our vision for V-Sports Arena. If you would like to see a game that we don’t have, tell a member and we will look into it.

Frequently Asked

What is it?

Virtual Reality is a computer-generated simulation of a three-dimensional image or environment that can be interacted within a seemingly real or physical way by a person using special electronic equipment.  Simply put, if you think of a world then we can probably submerge you into it allowing your mind to reach unlimited amounts of creativity.

How old do you have to be to play?

Ages 8 to 80 are welcome. We recommend 8 years and older in order to wear the VR headset comfortably. If you feel like your child may not be able to fit the headset comfortably, please bring a baseball cap or a beanie which will allow the headset to fit better. In some circumstances, there have been younger children who have been able to play VR.

What can you do with it?

Virtual reality has lots of uses. One of the most well-known is in video gaming, where it gives players an incredibly immersive experience.  Virtual reality games range from exhilarating space combat simulators that lets you piloting space ships across the galaxy to classic platformers that let you leap around a world that you can physically explore. 

It’s also brilliant for entertainment.  BT Sport broadcast the UEFA Champions League final in VR and there are apps which let you watch concerts, TV shows, and even films in virtual reality.

VR is also a fantastic platform for education, letting adults and children alike feel immersed in the subjects they’re exploring, whether that’s the bottom of the ocean or inside a Roman city.

What games do you offer?

We have just about 200 games. Every week we are adding and/or taking away games to make the experience most enjoyable for the family. Here is a link to all of our games.

Do you sell VR for residential use?

We are in the process of getting a distributor license and will be selling at our store location. We will have a variety of different systems for both sales and play. We also have the ability to build custom computers or guide you in the production of your own. Feel free to come in or give us a call with any questions.

Why should I play here if I have an oculus?

The oculus is a great home set up for entry level VR. It offers a crisp image that is standalone, so no wires to worry about, and has some great exclusive games.

What separate V-Sports from the typical home set up!
-High Graphics (Graphics are different then resolution)
-Higher frame rate (reduces chance of motion sickness)
-Sub millimeter precision tracking
-Access to our 200 games library
-Finger tracked with haptic controllers (Index controllers)
-Haptic feedback vest (bhaptics)
-multi-player with friends who do not own VR

What controller is best for VR?

Although this can come down to preference there are pros and cons to the different options we have in VR.
Index controllers offer the most advanced option with finger tracking and a strap that holds in to your hand, meaning if you want to let go of an item just let go. You want to grab something just wrap your fingers around the controller. And the benefit of oculus button layout. These are also tracked with sub-millimeter precision using Steam Tracking.
-Oculus touch controllers, well there are technically 3 variations of this controller, I will start by talking about what is the same. To start the they have the best button layout which we are seeing in almost all controllers now. So. although they came up with it its no longer unique. They are super light weight and fit most peoples hands. Pro and con they use AA Batteries meaning they last a long time and you don’t need to charge them, but you will always be buying more. Now 2 of these controllers are tracked by cameras on the headset, known as inside-out tracking. This is problematic as you loose tracking when they fall out of range of the cameras. While the newest controller is tracked by cameras on the controller itself. This makes a big difference and is a much needed improvement. The downside is camera tracking is not as precise as Laser tracking like Steam Tracking.
-PlayStation VR2 Sense™ controllers are very similar to oculus controllers using inside-out tracking, so not great, however they have 2 main differences. They use rechargeable batteries meaning you will have to charge them after about 4 hours of play. Now the Best part. Every controller needs this next feature. However its patented technology. The triggers on this controller can adapt to what’s going on in the game. They can push back on your finger giving you an intense feel of realism. 
-HTC Vive controllers are probably known as the worst and heaviest of the controllers on the market today. And the Button layout isn’t the best, they were the first VR controller on the market. Although you may not be getting the highest score on beat saber, they do feel like your actually holding a sword and the haptic feed back is much stronger than anything else. They also feel good when duel wielding pistols. They benefit from steam tracking as well.
-Windows Mixed Reality (WMR) Controllers don’t really have any strengths, but they don’t really have any weaknesses either. They use inside-out tracking and have similar button layout as the others. They do require a WMR headset which isn’t that great other then the price is cheap.

What is the TactSuit X40

-Haptic feedback vest allows you to feel in-game objects or add haptics to the music. Imagine being is an abandon house and feeling the vibration move down your spine. This kind of immersive tech add a whole new layer of fun. (TactSuit X40)

What others say

"Tried this place out for the first time and loved it. Feels like old-school arcade even with all the technology. The guy who runs the counter also walks around and engages with you while you play which makes it a really fun experience."

Chrissy D

Google Review

"Y’all, this place is a gem. The space they have created is outstanding. The folks in charge are awesome people, and their passion and knowledge about VR shows with every interaction. They got pool tables and arcade games as well. Truly a great all-ages space."

Rj Rueber

Google Review

"Awesome and fun place, very clean and staff is friendly. Colton took the extra time to explain the whole VR experience and how the headset and controls work and make sure I had a great experience. A+ in my book."

Kip Bateman

Google Review

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