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Our Arena’s main attraction is the only “Dart Battle Arena” facility in the Spokane/Coeur d’Alene area…It sure is a blast (pun intended).  Combined with our large assortment of dart blasters and our 4,000 sq. ft arena this will for sure capture the attention of even the most energetic of children and adults.

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Feel free to bring your own blaster without ammo or use one of ours, we carry Rival, Elite and Mega ammo.  Rival is currently only allowed during special events.  A standard blaster will be issued with each admission and our upgrade wall is available for an extra $3 for the whole session.

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Includes a standard blaster gun.




Includes a standard blaster gun.




Increase your chances of winning.



Frequently Asked

How old do you have to be to play?

We recommend players are 5+ years old to play.  Younger kids have a tough time priming the guns and are not yet ready to understand the game mechanics that make the Dart Battle experience fun for all players.

Can I bring my own blaster?

Yes, We do find with experience that some guns perform better than others. Magazine-fed guns have too much down time due to clearing jams and reloading. The smaller front loading blasters are much better suited to the high-paced game of dart tag. However we do not support Rival in just any game as they are too high of power for younger kids. If you want to play Rival then call and book ahead with a group of no less than 10 people.

Why is it V-sports and not Strikezone?

Virtual Reality CDA and Strikezone are now one company. V-Sports Arena.

How big is the arena?

about 4,000 sq. ft.

What should we wear?

Athletic wear
-Closed toed shoes
-Shorts or sweats

It can get cold when you are just hanging around, so something to throw on like a jacket or sweatshirt is recommended.

What game modes do you have?

Athletic wear
-Closed toed shoes
-Shorts or sweats

It can get cold when you are just hanging around, so something to throw on like a jacket or sweatshirt is recommended.

Should we leave our darts at home?

Yes leave them at home. We provide all the darts. Unless you want less darts flying past your head while you are trying to cook, clean, or you work from home, then feel free to bring them we don’t mind adding to our collection, especially if it means a more peaceful home lol.

What if I want the arena to just my group?

We do require a 10 player minimum if you are not getting a party, but still want the arena to just your group.

Is safety gear provided?

We provide safety glasses. Feel free to bring your own if you want. Regular glasses work. We do require some kind of eye protection to participate.

How sanitary is it?

Is this water sanitary? It looks a little questionable to me. | Disney  funny, Disney love, Disney movie quotes
But for real Yes, YES it is.

Do I have to reserve?

No, but it is highly recommended as we have turned customers away in the past do to unavailability.

What others say

"So much fun if you are looking for a place to Nerf battle. They provide the guns, ammo, and safety gear!"

Erin McCall

Google Review

"My son's 8th birthday was a great success thanks to Strike Zone! All the kids had a blast! Thank you!"

Mandy Maxwell

Google Review

"They have a lot of obstacles in the arena. And they outfit the kids with vests (colored to indicate which team) and with guns and nerf darts. "

Jonathon Frantz

Google Review

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