Arrow Tag

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ArrowTag™ is played similar to dodgeball. This exciting, action-packed game offers the ultimate family-friendly experience that engages everyone. ArrowTag™ is awesome for birthday parties, corporate events, team building, church functions, camp functions, bachelor parties, bachelorette parties, and that’s not all! The list goes on and on! Don’t have the space? Give us a call we can coordinate to meet at your favorite park.

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Arrow Tag

30 min per person.



Arrow Tag Party

Includes orientation, equipment, and referee. Can be played with up to 8 people.  10 Rounds for this hour event.



Frequently Asked

How do you play ArrowTag™?

Two Objectives, Two teams! First you must tag the opponents with an arrow, and second you must knock out the five plates of the opposing team’s 5 point Target. Each team consists of 2-6 players, separated by a “mid-point.”

What are the rules?

Each match will last 6 minutes. The game starts once the ref gives the signal. Everyone must have 1 hand/1 foot on the back wall. Once the ref gives the signal all players may retrieve their arrows from mid-point. Team Members can be revived and brought back into the game if a teammate catches an arrow mid air or a 5 point disc is hit. The player that shot the arrow is out. Think of it as a life swap. If time is up and players are still standing the team with the most amount of players alive, survives that round.

Is it Safe?

ArrowTag™, Combat Archery™, or ArcheryTag®️ as it is known in other places is a fairly new attraction that is being played all around the world. However, it is deemed very safe as the only safety equipment required to play is a face mask.

Is it painful?

Pain would be similar to Dodgeball. Arrows should only be used with low weight bows. No modded or personal bows allowed. However, you may bring your own face protection. We suggest paintball masks. Note: Failure to adhere to these rules can result in equipment damage, personal injury, or death.

Can I have a Private party?

Private party fees are $250 for 8 players for an hour of play. You can get about 10-15 games in within the hour.


What is the Age limit?

No one under 13 years of age admitted. 12-17 years of age require an adult/guardian present for every 6 players.

What should I wear?

Be comfortable, wear the normal. We just require closed toe shoes (For all of our attractions)

What is the Lateness Policy?

All events at V-Sports arena require that you arrive 15 MINUTES BEFORE YOUR START TIME! If you arrive 5 or more minutes after your start time and do not have the field to yourselves, you will not be allowed to join the range. No refunds will be given for late arrivals. If you have the pit reserved to yourselves, you can still keep your reservation but your time will still end at the original end time. We cannot extend time due to lateness etc.

What others say

"So much fun if you are looking for a place to Nerf battle. They provide the guns, ammo, and safety gear!"

Erin McCall

Google Review

"My son's 8th birthday was a great success thanks to Strike Zone! All the kids had a blast! Thank you!"

Mandy Maxwell

Google Review

"They have a lot of obstacles in the arena. And they outfit the kids with vests (colored to indicate which team) and with guns and nerf darts. "

Jonathon Frantz

Google Review

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